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A new catalogue is under development to organize and categorize the revenue stamps of Puerto Rico issued under U.S. administration.   The effort began in September of 2018 and, thus far, has received positive reviews from collectors and professional philatelists.   However, more reviews and insights are needed from collectors to help fill in some of the gaps that are either incomplete or missing altogether.   This is an opportunity for you to be involved in the creation of this forthcoming philatelic reference.

The author notes that he became fascinated with these issues after buying a collection and discovering the field was more complex than he had expected. After purchasing a section of the Charles Chabot catalogue referencing Puerto Rico revenues, he determined that new discoveries existed that needed to be documented and the thrill of the proverbial hunt was on!

The new work in progress was originally based on the concepts of the Chabot catalogue, broken into broad sections of Documentary, Tobacco, Alcohol, Miscellaneous (Digital Stamps and Meters), Association / Trade, Municipals and Essays/Proofs/Specimens. There are currently over 200 pages of listings including scans. Yet, much more work still needs to be done.

Your assistance is sought. To make this a manageable effort, a DRAFT of the catalogue has been broken into several sections. You will find that it is "rough" without the editorial touches to clean up spacing/centering/and the like. This is - quite on purpose - a work in progress. More importantly, this is a draft designed to encourage you to check your holdings and any references you might have that could prove useful.

The links following are to the identified catalogue section.   Each section is in PDF format.   We have added the file date to the listings, which will allow subsequent updates to replace these first sections as warranted.   Comments/corrections/scans/updates should be sent to the author using the email address found in each file.

The files are fairly large (over 6 megabytes each) and you are encouraged to DOWNLOAD them, rather than open them in your browser. (Right click, select "Save target as...")

Work is progressing on this new publication and in a First Update, the author has released a comprehensive revision of the work through May 21, 2019.  Changes to the sections have been incorporated below.  For your convenience, a summary of the changes may be found by clicking the link below.


Catalogue Part I
First Update as of May 21, 2019

Link to Catalog Section 1

Catalogue Part II
First Update as of May 21, 2019

Link to catalog section II

Catalogue Part III
First Update as of May 21, 2019

Link to catalogue section III

Catalogue Part IV
First Update as of May 21, 2019

Link to catalogue section IV

Catalogue Part V
First Update as of May 21, 2019

Link to catalogue section V

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